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  • Lecture theatre design
    Ferco Seating Systems
    Lecture Theatre Design According to research led by the London School of Economics (LSE) Estates Division and the Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF), out of 1,000 students in the UK, 76% ranked campus facilities...
  • How to combine indoor and outdoor entrance matting
    Construction Specialties
    British Standard BS 7953 recommends that entrance matting be a minimum of 2.1 metres in the traffic direction, to remove as much dirt and moisture from foot and wheeled traffic as possible. Whilst industry experts suggest...
  • Boost recycling with effective bin placement
    Method Recycling
    Method Recycling manufactures waste recycling bins for modern offices. The company spent three years researching, designing, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, before bringing its award-winning products to the market.
  • Space Planning For Lecture Theatres
    Ferco Seating Systems
    What Is Space Planning? Space must be efficiently and effectively utilised – as a consequence, space planning in universities is an important factor for architects and interior designers too and is subject to continuous...
  • Biofilm removal by shear velocity
    Horne Engineering
    Horne Engineering has always been a strong advocate of periodic high velocity system flushing to remove biofilm from the internal pipe surfaces of domestic water systems – in particular in large buildings such as hospitals...
  • Space planning for university lecture theatres
    Ferco Seating Systems
    What Is Space Planning? Space must be efficiently and effectively utilised – as a consequence, space planning in universities is an important factor for architects and interior designers to consider and is subject to...
  • Washroom and toilet refurbishment tips
    Formica Group
    Formica Group offers a top ten list of tips for designers seeking to improve washrooms and toilet facitlies. 1. Lighting Is going to the loo such an embarrassing exercise it requires a darkened room to do it in? Behind...
  • The benefits of engineered oak flooring
    Round Wood of Mayfield
    Round Wood explains why engineered oak boards represent the best option for homeowners looking to replace a floor. If you are looking to replace a floor in your property, whether in isolation or as part of an overall...
  • Why sensor taps are good for healthcare environments
    EcoProd Technique
    There’s been a lot of discussion over the last few years about the pros and cons of sensor taps in the context of healthcare environments such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and veterinary practices. After four babies...
  • Making sustainable savings on water usage for buildings
    EcoProd Technique
    It always seems strange when people talk about water shortages in the UK, but when the Head of the Environment Agency, Sir James Bevan speaks you know it's time to take notice. EcoProd explains how using sensor taps can help...
  • Environmental impact: electric hand dryers/paper towels
    EcoProd Technique
    EcoProd Technique discusses the environmental impact of electric hand dryers versus paper towels. The environmental impact of paper towels There are two main aspects of the environmental impact of paper towels that need to...
  • The evolution of deep soaking tubs
    Design & Form
    Year by year, deep soaking tubs have been rising in popularity. A surge of recent product launches reflects increasing interest on the part of designers and manufacturers but the concept is anything but new. Many features of...
  • Hydrotherapy: history, principles and why it works
    Design & Form
    Hydrotherapy has a long tradition. Historical records support the medical profession’s belief in the therapeutic value of water to relax, support, restore and mend. The Romans understood the effect of water, steam and...
  • Slips and trips in the workplace
    The single most common cause of injury in the workplace is slipping and tripping. The HSE estimates that the annual cost to employers is £750 million, and it is reported that every 25 minutes in the UK someone breaks or...
  • Wireless “induction” charging – The definitive guide
    CMD Ltd
    Questions that our industry gets time and time again. Wireless or induction charging came from pretty much out of nowhere last year and as “cool” as it seems the understanding people have isn’t as much as they would like.