CPD seminars relating to bathrooms on INTERIOR DESIGN. Resources to build your knowledge and understanding.
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  • Ideal-Standard: Commercial washroom design parameters
    Commercial washroom design parameters
    This seminar addresses the design parameters for commercial washrooms, understanding by application the number and type of provision to specify in accordance to the British Standards. By the end attendants will understand:...
  • Horne Engineering: Engineering for hand hygiene compliance
    Engineering for hand hygiene compliance
    Horne Engineering
    Designing to facilitate effective hand decontamination. Considering the march of antibiotic resistance, rightly described as a global threat that equals climate change in terms of its seriousness, the need to break the chain...
  • Preventing legionella contamination of water services
    Horne Engineering
    Horne's CPD is entitled "Engineering vs Legionella, Pseudomonas and Retrograde Contamination of Domestic Water Services by Micro-organisms." and focuses on how engineering can help to mitigate the risk of retrograde...