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  • Biofilm removal by shear velocity
    Horne Engineering
    Horne Engineering has always been a strong advocate of periodic high velocity system flushing to remove biofilm from the internal pipe surfaces of domestic water systems – in particular in large buildings such as hospitals...
  • Hydrotherapy: history, principles and why it works
    Design & Form
    Hydrotherapy has a long tradition. Historical records support the medical profession’s belief in the therapeutic value of water to relax, support, restore and mend. The Romans understood the effect of water, steam and...
  • Why sensor taps are good for healthcare environments
    EcoProd Technique
    There’s been a lot of discussion over the last few years about the pros and cons of sensor taps in the context of healthcare environments such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and veterinary practices. After four babies...
  • The evolution of deep soaking tubs
    Design & Form
    Year by year, deep soaking tubs have been rising in popularity. A surge of recent product launches reflects increasing interest on the part of designers and manufacturers but the concept is anything but new. Many features of...
  • Accessible bathroom design to support independent living
    Twyford Bathrooms
    Kevin O’ Donnell, from Twyford Bathrooms, considers options for inclusive bathrooms to balance DDA requirements with the need for a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing space in the home: As a nation, we are facing the stark...