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  • Mandarin Stone: Tundra tumbled marble
    Tundra tumbled marble
    Mandarin Stone
    Tundra tumbled marble features an antique finish that transforms the stone, giving it a mellower appearance, allowing it to be used in more traditional interiors. Sizes range from 305x305x12 to 610x406x12. The 305x305x10mm...
  • Marldon UK: Woodfix rebated R-section threshold
    Woodfix rebated R-section threshold
    Marldon UK
    The Woodfix range covers traditional threshold profiles, but incorporates a PVC trim that makes installation quick and simple. Woodfix rebated R-sections are offered in lacquered or unlacquered solid oak. The sections come...
  • Formica Group: Formica® Washroom Collection Optimised
    Formica® Washroom Collection Optimised
    Formica Group
    Formica® has introduced two new sizes of XLF compact grade sheet sizes designed specifically for larger, full height washroom cubicles. These Optimised sheet sizes provide greater yields and additional efficiencies when...
  • Formica Group: Formica® Collection Woods
    Formica® Collection Woods
    Formica Group
    The Formica Collection Woods is available in 65 designs that celebrate the natural beauty of wood. A variety of tactile surface finishes is available. Features: hygienic; durable and wear resistant; stain resistant; suitable...
  • Marldon UK: ProVent multi-functional underlay
    ProVent multi-functional underlay
    Marldon UK
    ProVent 3mm is a high-quality multi-functional underlay that helps eliminate underfloor water vapour with its unique micropumping ventilation system. The system includes a vapour barrier, levels uneven subfloors, and has...
  • Mandarin Stone: Jerusalem Bone limestone tiles
    Jerusalem Bone limestone tiles
    Mandarin Stone
    This cream limestone, originating from Israel, is full of coloured fossils, making for a delightful wall or floor covering. If fixing a free length pattern, joints should be staggered by a minimum of 100mm.
  • Trans-European Stone: Belgian Blue limestone flooring tiles
    Belgian Blue limestone flooring tiles
    Trans-European Stone
    Belgian Blue limestone is a natural material which is ideal for flooring as it is extremely durable. It has almost zero porosity which makes it particularly resistant to staining and marks. As is a sedimentary crinoidal...
  • TVS Acoustics: Acousticork U85 impact noise reduction underlay
    Acousticork U85 impact noise reduction underlay
    TVS Acoustics
    AcousticCork U85 is an flooring underlay for impact noise insulation of floating screed floors. It is made from aagglomerated cork with recycled polyurethane resilient layer: excellent noise reduction and thermal insulation...
    MEDITE PREMIER multi-purpose MDF panel
    MEDITE PREMIER is a multi-purpose MDF produced using superior wood refining technology and specially designed resins, suitable for use in internal dry conditions. Excellent face properties make it suitable for the thinnest...
  • Trans-European Stone: Translucent Marble
    Translucent Marble
    Trans-European Stone
    Translucent Marble is backlit to create a stunning effect. It is ideal for a range of applications including feature walls, bar tops, bathroom screens, vanity units and bar fascias at a fraction of the cost of backlit Onyx
  • TVS Acoustics: Acousticork U71 noise reduction underscreed
    Acousticork U71 noise reduction underscreed
    TVS Acoustics
    Acousticork U71 is a recycled noise reduction underscreed made from agglomerated recycled crumb rubber for impact and airborne noise insulation of floating slabs: high durability; long-term resilience; greater impact noise...
  • Formica Group: Formica® Infiniti™ enduring matte laminate surfacing
    Formica® Infiniti™ enduring matte laminate surfacing
    Formica Group
    Infiniti™ is a decorative laminate with a contemporary matte finish and a soft moleskin-like feel. The matte finish is created by an innovative, patent-pending technology where light is diffused by micro-contours on the...
  • Mandarin Stone: Jerusalem Ancien Provence limestone tiles
    Jerusalem Ancien Provence limestone tiles
    Mandarin Stone
    Jerusalem Ancien Provence limestone tiles are made from a mixture of Bethlehem stones which offer a choice of colours. They have a worn edged finish and are suitable for use in high traffic commercial and residential...
  • Formica Group: Formica® Door Collection of high pressure laminates
    Formica® Door Collection of high pressure laminates
    Formica Group
    Formica® High Pressure Laminate, offers a practical solution for interior doors. Its inherent properties make it ideal for functional, high-traffic applications. It is available in 186 decors, including 60 new introductions,...
  • Mandarin Stone: Corinth tumbled travertine tiles
    Corinth tumbled travertine tiles
    Mandarin Stone
    The Corinth tumbled travertine tile is available in colours ranging from neutral creams to greys. Originating in Turkey, this textured tile is given a worn edge finish for an antiqued effect. Corinth tiles are suitable for...