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  • Construction Specialties: CS Supertrak® Plus cubicle curtain track
    CS Supertrak® Plus cubicle curtain track
    Construction Specialties
    CS Supertrak® Plus is a cubicle curtain rack system used to provide screening and privacy. System components are modular, so layouts can be configured to meet individual requirements. Primarily designed for partitioning...
  • Westgate: Durablind Choice roller blind
    Durablind Choice roller blind
    Durablind Choice is a higher-quality, robust, low-maintenance roller blind manufactured for where a cost-effective blind is required for demanding environments: magnetic detachable crank handle or electric operation, reduces...
  • Westgate: Durablind Advantage premium roller blind
    Durablind Advantage premium roller blind
    Durablind Advantage is Westgate's premium roller blind and offers customers an original design that is high-strength for demanding and high usage areas. Durablind Advantage (unlike the Durablind Choice and Enhance) is...
  • Westgate: Durablind Enhance cassette roller blind
    Durablind Enhance cassette roller blind
    Durablind Enhance cassette blinds are simple to operate and very strong, covering large windows with ease. The fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel and runs in 55mm side channels, in the event of pressure being...
  • Goelst UK: G-Rail 5600 cord-operated curtain rail
    G-Rail 5600 cord-operated curtain rail
    Goelst UK
    G-Rail 5600 is a heavy-duty, cord-drawn curtain rail. This curtain track system is suitable for medium and heavy-weight curtains. Designed for larger applications, system 5600 can be curved and bent to a minimum radius of...
  • Silent Gliss: 3840W Medium-weight curtain track system
    3840W Medium-weight curtain track system
    Silent Gliss
    The hand operated curtain tracks from Silent Gliss are simple and economical to use. They are ideal for commercial and domestic use. Further they can be used for specific applications like aeroplanes, vehicles and boats. The...
  • Yewdale: Defiant blackout blinds
    Defiant blackout blinds
    Defiant blinds are carefully built to exacting standards, giving years of trouble-free service. The design features and high-quality components enable the blinds to be confidently specified for the most demanding...
  • Silent Gliss: 2650 Panel Fold system
    2650 Panel Fold system
    Silent Gliss
    Silent Gliss offer the most sophisticated panel glide range. We have innovative systems for every need – choose between flat and folding panels, straight or curved tracks. Panel glide systems are perfect for today’s...
  • Silent Gliss: 2900 Crank operated vertical blind system
    2900 Crank operated vertical blind system
    Silent Gliss
    Vertical blinds are probably the best systems for exact light control. Perfect for floor to ceiling applications or smaller installations, inside or outside recess. The 2900 system: mono-control crank operation, purpose...
  • De Leeuw: Reflex-Rol Type 2110 roller blind system
    Reflex-Rol Type 2110 roller blind system
    De Leeuw
    The Reflex-Rol Type 2110 roller blind system is a single, double-glazed and sealed unit with integrated reflector foil and single cord operating system. The system can be shaped to fit square, rectangular, trapezoidal or...
  • Silent Gliss: Electric curtain track systems
    Electric curtain track systems
    Silent Gliss
    Electric curtain track systems are designed for high or out-of-reach curtains. They are suitable for audiovisual and conference rooms, hotels, offices, and private homes. Single and multiple track options are available,...
  • Goelst UK: 6500/6600/6602 wintergarden systems
    6500/6600/6602 wintergarden systems
    Goelst UK
    G-Rail wintergarden system 6500 features all the benefits of the standard G-Rail low voltage (24v) electric motor technology. With integrated CAN-BUS intelligence for stand-alone installations, system 6500 offers...
  • Silent Gliss: 6160M Curtain pole
    6160M Curtain pole
    Silent Gliss
    The 6160M system: cord operated system for domestic and contract applications; 6160M can be bent for bay windows etc; for medium to heavy weight curtains; made to measure; choice of 7 different finishes - anodised silver,...
  • Silent Gliss: 8500 Pleated blind system
    8500 Pleated blind system
    Silent Gliss
    The 8500 system: acknowledged as technically the most advanced and the most reliable system; on the market; comprehensive range of shapes and stacking for all uses including conservatories; and roof lights; small stacking...
  • Silent Gliss: 2350 electrically operated Roman blind system
    2350 electrically operated Roman blind system
    Silent Gliss
    Roman blinds are a remarkably elegant window treatment solution. Silent Gliss combine this classic look with sophisticated technique to produce systems that operate effortlessly and perfectly present your fabric.