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  • Connections At Home: Tecnopolis sliding door wardrobes
    Tecnopolis sliding door wardrobes
    Connections At Home
    Technopolis wardrobes have sleek, sliding doors that can be designed to suit a variety of interiors and storage requirements. The doors themselves are offered in dark oak, grey oak, matt lacquer, gloss lacquer and different...
  • And So To Bed: Louis XV upholstered bed
    Louis XV upholstered bed
    And So To Bed
    And So To Beds new upholstered Louis XV has an 18th Century French style bedframe which includes curved side rails and is detailed with hand-carved rose motifs and Rococo inspired touches. It was inspired by Louis XV and his...
  • Connections At Home: Tecnopolis Game sliding door wardrobe
    Tecnopolis Game sliding door wardrobe
    Connections At Home
    Tecnopolis Game sliding door wardrobe is sleek and smooth, having its doors supported on top and bottom tracks, pull out handles flush fitted within each end of each door and soft closing/locating door mechanisms. The door...
  • Dutch Connection: French Baroque Bed Large Super King Size
    French Baroque Bed Large Super King Size
    Dutch Connection
    Dutch Connection is the UKs leading supplier of hand carved, solid mahogany antique reproduction furniture. Our extensive range of beautifully hand carved mahogany furniture immaculately reproduces the most popular antique...
  • Sofa & Chair Company: Varley wood framed bed
    Varley wood framed bed
    Sofa & Chair Company
    The Varley has an elegant design with panelled detailed fabric and a beautiful show wood frame. The panelled detail divides the fabric into three distinctive flutes. A choice of plain or patterned fabrics, leather, vinyl,...
  • And So To Bed: Nathalie hand-painted bed
    Nathalie hand-painted bed
    And So To Bed
    Nathalies sleek profile is typical of French Empire period beds, with the uncluttered, neo-classical looks of the era. From the column detailing on the head and footboards to the solid brass embellishments, its minimalist...
  • Sofa & Chair Company: Chopin contemporary wood framed headboard
    Chopin contemporary wood framed headboard
    Sofa & Chair Company
    The Chopin head board has a modern design with three distinctive panels and a wooden frame. It can be used with any bed from the Sofa & Chair Company's range however it is particularly suited for use with the Beethoven and...
  • Connections At Home: Silenia Stelo wardrobes
    Silenia Stelo wardrobes
    Connections At Home
    Silenia wardrobes are made to suit a range of sizes, designs and functions. A range of doors is available, including hinged, folding, and sliding types. Silenia wardrobes are available in veneered, lacquered, glazed or...
  • And So To Bed: Sage bed in highly polished nickel finish
    Sage bed in highly polished nickel finish
    And So To Bed
    Inspired by a 1920s original, the Sage bed has simple architectural lines and unusual square profiling. Its Art Deco style is ideal for contemporary interiors, and is complemented by the highly polished nickel finish. An...
  • Hypnos: President Supreme bed - Heritage Collection
    President Supreme bed - Heritage Collection
    The President Supreme bed has the most luxurious mattress in the Heritage Collection, with sumptuously-soft and breathable layers of organic wool, lambswool, hand teased hair and alpaca: tailored with three rows of genuine...
  • Domain Furniture: B&B Italia and Maxalto beds
    B&B Italia and Maxalto beds
    Domain Furniture
    Domain supplies beds designed by B&B Italia and Maxalto. Beds are offered in a range of standard sizes, and in a choice of fabrics and leathers. Storage compartments and complimentary mattresses are available on selected...
  • Sabi Interiors: Marshall & Stewart Koh-I-Noor premium beds
    Marshall & Stewart Koh-I-Noor premium beds
    Sabi Interiors
    Koh-I-Noor is the premium mattress in the Marshall & Stewart Diamond Collection. Epitomising luxury, this bed provides unparalleled support through a pocketed, 14-turn progressive spring system. The springs are embedded in...
  • And So To Bed: Venetian four-poster bed
    Venetian four-poster bed
    And So To Bed
    The Venetian is a traditional Italian-style wooden four-poster bed. It has arch details on the base, which were inspired by Venices Rialto bridge, and crisply carved barley twist posts topped with elegant flames. The posts...
  • Connections At Home: Hanger coat stand
    Hanger coat stand
    Connections At Home
    The Hanger clothes stand, by Alberto Meda, combines elegance and functionality due to its design and to the combination of colours and finishes used. It is available in a pole-mounted version as well as on a 60 or 90cm...
  • And So To Bed: Palazzo cotton bed linen
    Palazzo cotton bed linen
    And So To Bed
    Palazzo bed linen is a superbly crisp and cool 400 thread count percale in classic White and Vanilla with an elegant finish of 3 rows of self-coloured satin stitch embroidered cording. Ten other colours of embroidery are...