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  • Metsä Wood UK: Softwood internal cladding
    Softwood internal cladding
    Metsä Wood UK
    Interior timber wall claddings are a popular material that can add warmth to any room. Metsä Wood, offer a huge range of softwood cladding panels which are available from DIY retailers across the UK. All interior wall...
  • Construction Specialties: Acrovyn® Textured Sheet
    Acrovyn® Textured Sheet
    Construction Specialties
    Acrovyn® Sheet provides an easy to maintain, impact & scratch resistant surface finish for building interiors. Available in a wide range of solid colours, as well as faux wood & faux metal finishes, it is easy to cut, form...
  • Lining Systems GRP: Fibreglass wall and ceiling lining
    Fibreglass wall and ceiling lining
    Lining Systems GRP
    A fibreglass wall and ceiling lining creates a jet washable, hygienic surface with an extended life expectancy. Suitable for a range of applications including: wet rooms, animal enclosures, dairies, food production,...
  • Construction Specialties: Bespoke Acrovyn by Design® wall cladding
    Bespoke Acrovyn by Design® wall cladding
    Construction Specialties
    Acrovyn by Design® bespoke wall coverings protect walls and enable high-impact visuals to be created with photo-quality images embedded in tough Acrovyn®, an impact-resistant covering designed specifically to prevent damage
  • nmc (uk) ltd: ARSTYL® FLOWER wall panels
    ARSTYL® FLOWER wall panels
    nmc (uk) ltd
    The 3D ARSTYL® FLOWER wall panel is an addition to NMC's ARSTYL® wall panels collection. When several panels are interconnected, three forms emerge inside the geometric image to create different optical effects. The FLOWER...
  • nmc (uk) ltd: ARSTYL® decorative interior wall tiles
    ARSTYL® decorative interior wall tiles
    nmc (uk) ltd
    ARSTYL® decorative interior wall tiles are made from high-density, yellow rigid polyurethane foam with a matt white acrylic primer which requires painting. The manufacturing technique guarantees a hard and smooth surface and...
  • nmc (uk) ltd: ARSTYL® decorative wall panels
    ARSTYL® decorative wall panels
    nmc (uk) ltd
    The ARSTYL® range of wall panels will give interiors a highly inspired new look, neat structure or a coloured relief design. 6 modern designs; small-sized and light-weight - panels are easy to carry and install; unpolished...
  • BCM GRC: G-Clad glassfibre-reinforced concrete internal cladding
    G-Clad glassfibre-reinforced concrete internal cladding
    G-Clad is a glassfibre-reinforced concrete cladding that is durable, impact resistant, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. It can be finished to replicate the appearance of natural stone, reconstituted stone or...
  • Kinorigo: Parallel® stone tiles
    Parallel® stone tiles
    Parallel® natural stone tiles have a distinctive narrow format. Their calibrated strips of stone are suitable for use on walls and floors to provide bespoke stonework surfaces. Products incorporate carefully selected,...
  • Armourcoat: ArmourCast stone finish casting
    ArmourCast stone finish casting
    ArmourCast creates unique stone-finish casting products, offering attractive textures and effects with the look and feel of real stone. These hard and durable castings can reproduce almost any architectural shape that can be...
  • Kinorigo: Polished marble cladding
    Polished marble cladding
    Polished marble has a honed surface that has been refined further to produce a glossy finish. It is often used for wall cladding, and when used for flooring can begin to lose its polished finish. Marble is a compact and hard...
  • Vtec Group Ltd: Contour 3D wall panels
    Contour 3D wall panels
    Vtec Group Ltd
    Contour 3D wall panels have factory-applied finishes on the face and edges so there is no requirement for on-site cutting or finishing and the panels arrive on site ready to install. The 3D panels add visual impact and are...
  • Vtec Group Ltd: Ripple 3D wall panels
    Ripple 3D wall panels
    Vtec Group Ltd
    Ripple 3D panels feature an organic rippled surface and can add interest and texture to interior spaces. They can be produced to exact dimensions and with a large range of factory- applied finishes on faces and edges so...
  • Multipanel™: Multipanel™ Classic waterproof wall panels
    Multipanel™ Classic waterproof wall panels
    Multipanel™ Classic wall panels have a 9mm waterproof plywood core with a high-pressure decorative laminate bonded to the face. Suitability: bathrooms; wet rooms; kitchens. Available in Standard and Premier surfaces. Wide...
  • Knauf Danoline: Tectopanel wall and ceiling cladding panels
    Tectopanel wall and ceiling cladding panels
    Knauf Danoline
    Tectopanel is a flexible and easy to install cladding for ceilings and walls. It provides a blank canvas for creative design on site. Tectopanel provides a wide scope for variation. It is available in a number of different...