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  • Ideal-Standard: Sanura S6100 urinal
    Sanura S6100 urinal
    Sanura wall urinals are available for exposed or concealed plumbing, in two sizes, 50cm (S6100) and 40cm (S6105). They can be used for combined adult and junior installations. Privacy dividers can be ordered separately...
  • Ideal-Standard: Aridian S6321 waterless urinal
    Aridian S6321 waterless urinal
    The Aridian waterless urinal is designed to save water, which is increasingly in demand. As water usage and its costs continue to rise, The Aridian waterless urinal provides an alternative for architects, planners and...
  • Ideal-Standard: Contour 21 S6110(01) urinal
    Contour 21 S6110(01) urinal
    The Contour urinal and modesty divisions are manufactured in vitreous china. They have been specially designed for ducted services, with all service connections completely concealed. It benefits from an easy to clean and...
  • Ideal-Standard: hygenIQ urinal - reduce splash back by 90%
    hygenIQ urinal - reduce splash back by 90%
    The hygenIQ urinal has been designed to reduce splash back by 90% thus significantly cutting down associated bacterial growth and washroom surface damage. Millions of germs find a home in the splashed urine around the urinal...
  • Ideal-Standard: Profile 21 65cm waterless urinal bowl
    Profile 21 65cm waterless urinal bowl
    The Profile 21 waterless urinal has a concealed outlet. It saves water and requires no cistern or flush pipe. Cartridges last for approximately7,000 uses. Fragrance block fades over time and helps to indicate when cartridge...