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Dural have been providing finishes for all types of flooring since 1981. The company provides complete solutions for all aspects of flooring including a range of profiles for parquet, laminate, carpeted and tiled floors. Dural have a range of skirting products in wood, metal and PVC and provide flooring solutions and systems for sealing, drainage... Read more
  • Dural UK: Multifloor profile system for all floor types
    Dural UK: TRIFLOOR screw system profile for flooring
    Dural UK: T-Floor and Terrazzo dividing profiles

    Dural UK


  • Dural UK: CONSTRUCT metal / PVC skirting
    Dural UK: Duracove interior corner profiles for wall edges

    Dural UK

    Skirting and floor coving

  • Dural UK: Durabase CI sealing/decoupling matting system for tiles

    Dural UK

    Flooring underlays

    DURABASE CI is designed for installing tiles onto difficult substrates. The mat bridges cracks and decouples floor-coverings from their foundation, thus enabling the installation of tiles on foundations that experience linear expansion and contraction in response to changes in temperature and humidity....
  • Dural UK: TILUX shower element for floor-level showers

    Dural UK

    Wet room formers

    TILUX is a tiled system for creating floor-level showers. The system combines a shower-board and drainage components in one unit. TILUX features an integrated sealing foil, drain and outlet grate. It is quick and easy to install in both new build and refurbishment projects, and can be used with any floor covering. The TILUX board is made from...
  • Dural UK

    Safety matting

    Supplies border edging for stair finishing purposes, comprising an aluminium profile with a PVC insert. The non-slip edging is suitable for straight-mounted, mitred or corner stairs, and features a lowered edge to protect the borders of vertical step tiles. The product is suitable for interior and exterior use....
  • Dural UK

    Shower drain outlets

    TI-LINE is a patented linear drainage system that helps create borderless shower areas, making a perfect junction with the walls. The TI-LINE shower drainage channel can be installed directly alongside the wall thanks to its patent, pre-drilled flange. A watertight floor outlet can be enhanced by means of various designer grates or drainage...
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