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Construction Specialties

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Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd is a global supplier and manufacturer of specialised building products. Our range of products include wall protection systems, solar shading, expansion joint covers, entrance matting systems, a cubicle curtain system, louvres, specialist coatings for walls and floors, and pressure relief systems. They have been... Read more
  • Construction Specialties: CS Pedigrid® Entrance Matting
    Construction Specialties: CS Pediluxe® entrance matting
    Construction Specialties: CS Pedimat® Ultra Entrance Matting
    Construction Specialties: CS Pedimat® Entrance Matting
    Construction Specialties: CS Helix™ Entrance Matting
    Construction Specialties: CS Gridline™ and Gridline™ Plus Entrance Matting

    Construction Specialties

    Entrance matting

    Produces entrance matting systems for the protection of internal floor coverings throughout buildings. All products are easy to maintain and offer excellent appearance retention. The range includes: aluminium profile systems in three thicknesses of 44mm, 17mm and 11mm, available with a choice of inserts; an easy-to-install and economical...
  • Construction Specialties: Bespoke Acrovyn wall mural for hospital sanctuary
    Construction Specialties: Decorative wall panels create healing environment
    Construction Specialties: Bespoke Acrovyn by Design® wall cladding
    Construction Specialties: Acrovyn® textured sheet

    Construction Specialties

    Internal wall / ceiling cladding

  • Construction Specialties: CS Acrovyn® door and frame protection
    Construction Specialties: Door protection with faux wood finish for hotel

    Construction Specialties

    Door face protectors and kickplates

    Acrovyn Sheet is used to provide effective protection from impact damage to doors and frames....
  • Construction Specialties: Wallglaze performance coatings for luxury leisure suite
    Construction Specialties: Wallglaze performance coatings

    Construction Specialties

    Interior wall and ceiling paints

  • Construction Specialties: Comprehensive wall protection scheme for neonatal unit
    Construction Specialties: Acrovyn by Design® bespoke wall panels with graphics

    Construction Specialties


  • Construction Specialties: CS Supertrak® Plus Cubicle Curtain Track

    Construction Specialties

    Curtain tracks and rails

    Manufactures a cubicle curtain track system based on a totally rigid structure. It incorporates a continuous PVC liner running inside the full length of the cubicle which eliminates joints on the running surface, so allowing the glides to run quietly and without snagging. The system is available in a satin anodised aluminium finish, or can be...
  • Construction Specialties

    Door edge guards

    Door edge protection channels are made from 2mm or 1.5mm thick Acrovyn Sheet and must be recess mounted into door edge/s....
  • Construction Specialties

    Door frame guards

    Frame protection is built up from a series of channels and angles or thermoformed sections to fit specific frame size requirements....
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